Sandpit Covers

Personalised sandpit covers for your residential or education facility.

A made to fit sandpit cover can:

  • Protect children from the reach of potential foreign objects
  • Deter animals from accessing and fouling the sandpit
  • Prevent rubbish and other dangerous sharp objects such as broken glass from entering into the sand
  • Cope with windy weather conditions preventing rubbish and debris entering the sandpit
  • Prolong the life of the sandpit

Shade Sail Services will customise your sandpit cover to suit your personalised measurements. Lead rope, shock cords or track can be used along the perimeter to ensure it remains in place when not in use.

Sandpit cover material is lightweight which allows for the water to flow through and not pool in the middle, it also allows for airflow which will help the sand dry much quicker during the winter months.

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