Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the installation of my shade sail take?

Site installations of shade sails can vary in time depending on how big the sail and task is. Usually for small sails with fixtures we allow 1-2 hours, whereas bigger shade sails with fixtures and poles installed could take a few hours to a couple of days.

Are shade sails waterproof?

We have a variety of shade sail material depending on the outcome & desire of shade you are after. Our knitted fabrics allow for approximately 95% coverage of rain ensuring that the twist of the sail is installed correctly to allow the water to glide off the sides. In saying this, a mist of water will enter through the shade. We also provide a PVC fabric which is 100% plastic and waterproof however has a slightly different look to our knitted material.

How long will my shade sail last?

Ensuring that the fabrication, maintenance & installation is completed to a high standard, which we are incredibly positive it will be, shade sails can last up to 10-15 years. In keeping your shade sail in immaculate condition, we suggest you organise your sail to be cleaned & inspected for any repairs or re-stitching to allow for longer lasting results.

How will my shade sail impact the aesthetic of my property?

We not only have an array of colours and materials of shade sail to choose from, but we will work with you on a personalised design to make your property look professional and modern. Shade sails are a beautiful way of protecting you from the sun as well as living in style.

How secure is my shade sail?

Shade Sail Services provides high quality products and a team that is incredibly qualified. In saying this, we ensure that every job we are assigned to is done to the best of our abilities. We will advise you if your desired shade sail needs extra stability (e.g., installing posts) or working alongside our engineering team to ensure you and your shade sail is safe.

How expensive are shade sails?

Our team at Shade Sail Services will work with you on designing a beautiful shade around your personal budget. We allow for onsite quotations during the inspection stage, so you have an estimated dollar value in front of you.

Where does my shade sail attach to?

We provide onsite inspections firstly to allow for accurate positioning of the future sail installation(s). Depending if there is a sturdy structure on a house roof or fence, we can attach fixtures there, however some properties may need engineering evaluation to ensure the security and safety of the shade sail. This may include needing to install posts for stability or seeing where the shade sail will be safe to place.

Does my shade sail make noise in wind & harsh weather?

We can give you the option to choose from heavy duty rope or metal chain for the structure of your shade sail. Clients choose the rope to ensure minimal noise in harsher weather, however our metal chain option is also noise friendly. This is up to personal preference when designing your shade sail.

How much shade will my shade sail provide?

Our shade sail fabrics allow for 95% UVR (Ultraviolet Radiation) protection. Depending on the time of day, sunlight will pass through.

What will be the run time of completing my shade sail?

Cleaning jobs take approximately 7 days to complete, new builds approximately 3 weeks and fabrications up to a week. Depending on the season and circumstance these times may vary.