Shade Sail Repair

Extending the life of your sail
Shade Sail Services repairs shade sails and covers of all sizes all over Melbourne, Geelong and surrounding areas including the Bellarine and Mornington Peninsulas. From a stitch in time to a major repair, we have you covered.

What We Do

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Shade Sail Repairs

On site shade sail repairs could include maintenance such as tensioning sails and fixing attachments. Where shade sail repair requires stitching webbing, joins and corners or applying patches, we take the sail down and undertake the repairs at Shade Sail Services.

When a sail or cover needs a repair call us or use the enquiry form to have us inspect the sail or cover. Simple repairs can be undertaken at that time. More complex repairs as described above, will require taking the sail down and repairing at Shade Sail Services. In most situations, we can provide a quote and discuss the options at the time of inspection.

On occasion, we can indicate the range of costs but require the sail or cover to be inspected by our staff before providing a fixed price for repair. In these situations, we will contact you prior to undertaking the repair to discuss the repair and obtain your approval. Sometimes it may be better to fabricate a new sail.

Our Process

The shade sails are cleaned prior to repair using our proven process that is based on over nine years of experience. We use a soaking process and specialised equipment to remove ingrained dirt, moss, mould and lichen, without using harsh detergents or abrasive scrubbing. It is usually necessary to clean a sail or cover prior to using the sewing machines as it can cause damage to the machine and is not pleasant for our staff. Once the sail is dry, we can repair the sail or cover. Quite often we identify repairs that are required during the cleaning process that are not evident on inspection. We will let you know in this event and provide a quotation.

In most cases an inspection on site can determine the level of repair required, but in some cases the level of shade sail repair becomes more evident when the sail or cover is cleaned.

In some situations it maybe better to have the shade sail replaced as whilst a repair can address the current problem, the sail maybe nearing its end of life or the sail design and construction is not the best option for the site. Sometimes we find shade sails that have been installed upside down and this increases the propensity for in ground dirt. Shade Sail Services provides advice and options on the best course of action in all situations.

Quite often we identify repairs that are required during the cleaning process that are not evident on inspection. Typically, whilst the shade fabric may have years of life to go, the stitching, webbing or wire could require repair. Either way, we quote and obtain your approval prior to any repairs being undertaken.

Undertaking cleaning and repairs on a timely basis extends the life of the shade sail.

Emergency Call-outs

Shade Sail Services is geared up for emergency calls. During major storms, damage can occur from high winds or flying debris and tree branches. We can attend the site and make the situation safe including removing the sail or cover for repair. We can store it for you as you undertake an insurance claim. Of course, we can provide a quote for the insurance company.


After the cleaning and shade sail repair processes are completed, the sail may be stored by us, stored by you or returned immediately for installation. Upon installation, the sail is tensioned to the manufacturers’ specification. With a regular program of maintenance the sail or cover can be stored over the winter months to extend the life of the sail or cover plus keep it clean until needed.

How we Repair Shade Sails

Shade sail repairs includes re-stitching joins and the webbing on the perimeter of the sail. When the stitching on a sail fails, even if it’s a small part, it is likely that the rest of the stitching will fail in the near term. It is therefore prudent to repair all stitching.

Repairs may also include re-stitching or reinforcing corners. Holes or rips can be patched and reinforced with matching material extending the life of the sail.

Sometimes repairing an existing sail is not the right thing to do. We come across sails designed and installed that are not suitable or fail too often due to poor design. Shade Sail Services can provide advice and options to arrive at a more effective solution. It may include making adjustments to the existing sail through to changing the design including the supporting infrastructure.

Shade Sail Service introduced the ring top support to provide a better solution to supporting large sails. This approach eliminates the risk of damage from the traditional approach of providing a central post with the sail attached to the post. It provides more flexibility in design whilst providing a situation where the sail is more resilient in strong winds.

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