Shade Sail Storage

Protecting your investment

Shade Sail Storage

We offer a shade sail storage facility for customers that require their sail(s) or cover(s) be removed and stored for the winter months and reinstalled prior to summer. There are a number of benefits to storing sails and covers in the winter months, which are:

  • Allow sunlight and warmth to the area previously covered which in turn reduces the build-up of moss and lichen.
  • Extend the life of the sail as it subjected to less UV. If a sail is stored for say five months a year, then its life is extended by 40%. If a sail life is ten years, then that is another four years.
  • Reduce the risk of damage to the sail(s) or cover(s) from storms and flying debris.
  • Reduce the exposure of the sail(s) or cover(s) to lichen and moss from being exposed to the elements during wet and cold conditions.

Shade Sail Services can store and clean sail(s) or cover(s) on an annual basis which means the cleaning process is faster and cheaper

Shade Sail Maintenance

Halfway through the life of the sail it is likely that re-stitching is required through wear and tear from exposure to the sun and weather. It is our experience that the stitching fails long before the shade material deteriorates to a level where it needs replacement. Even when the sail stitching is not showing fatigue, halfway through the sail life, it may be prudent to re-stitch to push out the time to the next scheduled clean. When we repair sails, we use the highest quality thread available.

As part of the storage regimen, Shade Sail Services can attend your location, remove the sail, clean it and make any repairs that are necessary prior to storing in our secure facility. At the end of the winter period, the sail(s) or cover(s) can be returned and installed. Shade Sail Services only charges a nominal rental. The process can be carried out each year at a fixed price. We undertake any repairs required as a result of normal wear within the annual charge. This helps with budgeting and a consistent price every year.

There is also a full service option where we cover the cost of replacing the sail at the end of its life as well as undertaking the annual work described above.

Extend Sail Life

Whilst storing during the winter months extends the life of the sail or cover it also reduces the risk from damage during the time of the year, when storms are the most prevalent. The math is straightforward, we take the sail down and store for say, six months of the year, resulting in the life of the sail being likely doubled. Plus, removing the sail or cover in winter provides light and warmth from the sun to the areas normally covered.

One thing that Shade Sail Services has identified is that storms each year are more frequent and violent causing increasing levels of damage to sails and covers. In Victoria, these storms are at their worst in the winter period. Shade sail storage at this time lessens the risk of storm damage. Even with insurance, removing and storing a sail for the winter months is cost effective but also provides a better investment as the life of the sail or cover is increased.