Shade Sails

Shade Sail Services ensure to provide and deliver exceptional quality, products and services based on your personal requirements.

Shade sails are the perfect addition to any outdoor area that requires sun (UV) and weather protection, as well as being cost friendly compared to building a permanent structure.

We work with you closely on designing a personalised shade sail based on your specific needs for the desired area.

High grade shade cloth material is used with all our newly fabricated shade sails and said to last around 10-15 years or more if well kept and maintained.

You may have noticed the unique twist of a shade sail and wondered why it is installed like that and not flat. This is called “Hypar”.

The importance of Hypar is to ensure a strong shade sail that keeps its’ tension & doesn’t flap in the wind. A shade sail requires a certain degree of twist or shape.
This is done by using alternate high and low fixing points, to give the sail its’ twist.
This shape increases in tension in the shade, reduces flapping in the wind and also improves the overall longevity. 

The low points (post or bracket points) are the North and South points to provide maximum shade protection in the summer months when the sun rises higher. In the winter months when the sun is lower, it allows the sun to come under the sail and heat up/dry out the area.
It also cuts a rectangular sail into 2 triangles so that when it rains or hails, the water should run off to the shorter points and not belly out.


Shade Sail area locations include:

Early Learning Centres / Childcares / Kindergartens

  • Over playgrounds & sandpits

Education Facilities
Including: Primary & Secondary Schools / Private Schools / Catholic Schools / Independant Schools

  • Outdoor learning areas
  • Over playground & sandpits

Residential Properties 

  • Used as a carport alternative
  • Outdoor dining & entertainment
  • Over swimming pools
  • Alongst the fenceline to providing a privacy screen

Commercial Businesses

  • Cafes, car washes, outdoor nurseries
  • Council parks & play areas



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Shade Sail Services

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